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Health Tips

If you drink the milk while sleeping at night. So do not forget to read this post.

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Hello friends, you are very welcome.Friends today we will talk. What is the right time to drink milk? And if there is any damage by drinking milk.So let's start.Friends, for maintain our health. We eat  and drinks different products.  But there is no benefit to these meals. Unless we know the correct use of it.Without knowing anything, if you start anything. So it is harmful to your health and you may have to face any disease for life.


Only by mixing a good meal and the time of eating it can we keep our health healthy. So friends, today we talk of milk.Since childhood when you were at a young age. So your parents will have to force you to drink milk. do you know. The milk should also drink in a fair amount. If you drink more than the quantity of milk. So you can also get the problem of fiber. Which can lead to change in asthma problem.Friends, if your digestive power is not strong.

You should not drink milk in the morning at all. People with less digestive power should drink milk at bedtime. According to doctors, you should consume milk twice a day.Whether you are young or elder. By consuming milk, the amount of calcium in your body does not decrease and if you are consuming milk since childhood.

Strong bone

So long as your bones will remain strong. It will be heard from a lot of people that drinking milk produces cough. That's right but not completely. actual Friends, not all milk is a same kind. In cows, beta CM-7 protein is found in certain breed cows milk. Because of this protein, the amount of phlegm increases in your body.


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Aware Your Friends

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