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Why do your acne come back after a while?

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The girl from every other house in India is upset with acne. Do your acne come out every other day. And they are also in the same place. If this happens. So your {Skin} is very sensitive. And you should pay special attention to your {Skin}. acne are often on oily skin. Or because of the hormonal {unbalance}.

Occasionally when dust or bacteria flourish in the {body} .Then you may have to face problems like acne. Let's know. In detail about acne. If you have a habit of touching your face again and again.So this is also the biggest reason for the issue of acne.

By touching again and again, the pores of your skin start getting dirty. Because of which acne starts to appear. There is a stress area on your face. The part of the face where there are acne at the same place every time. This can happen even then. When your body passes through the stage of a stress.and become a victim of a disease for a long time. By which your body's immune system becomes weak. By which the pimples is turned.

Many times your skin also gets acne. But we see only the upper part of it. The rest is within the skin.In which the upper part of the foil can be alright but the inner one remains the same.If you have a habit of pressing or exploding your acne. So you should know this. Doing so will not stop it. Rather, your skin swelling can also increase. To prevent this, you can do {Salicylic Acid Topical}.


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Why do your acne come back after a while?