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If you have to stay healthy, do not eat these things with milk

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To keep the body healthy, we should eat nutritious food. We should take all kinds of {minerals}.Milk from them is also very beneficial element.But we can not eat anything by our own will. There is a certain time of its own to get every diet.

And many times, getting two different beneficial foods is proved as bad for health.Today we talk About milk.There is also a definite time to drink it. And there is such a thing. Which should not be taken immediately after drinking milk.If you do that. So you have to pay a lot of loss to health.

The first thing  {onion?}

If you eat onion immediately after drinking milk. You may have to face problems like ringworm, itching.

The second thing is {lime}

You should not eat lemon while drinking milk or immediately after drinking milk. You must have seen in your house. We take lemons to splitting our milk. So think when you eat lemon after milk. So what will happen inside your body?

Finally {curd}

If you consume yogurt with milk. So you may have to face gas problems like that. So do not drink yogurt after milk.


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