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After knowing the benefits of drinking tea, definitely will be shocked.

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People of India are very fond of drinking {Tea}. If you go to any relative's house .So whether it is cold or hot you will definitely ask for tea or coffee. There were many misconceptions about tea before that it is harmful to health {etc}. But according to researchers from Australia's Alfred Hospital and Baker Heart and the Diabetes Institute, consuming caffeinated beverages is very beneficial for your heart.

This allows you to get rid of problems like heart beat throbbing, restlessness, and nervousness. A new research has shown that after consuming caffeinated beverages, there is a decrease in {Afib}.

Of the 228,465 participants, the number of people consuming caffeine daily was reported to have fallen by about 6% in Afib.{Afib} That's the stage.In which your heartbeats become {Uncontrolled}.Ever increases.So sometimes it decreases. Due to which the {Blood} of your body does not reach your body properly.

And you may have to face many illnesses.


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