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For these reasons, the power of your brain is getting {less}

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Friends, everyone's want mind to be sharp. Do whatever he does, gain mastery. But in today's life we ??do not care about our work. due to which. Many vulnerabilities come in the body. With which the brain's weakness is the biggest. In today's time {Time} our brain is everything for us. But did you ever have a thought? That's why we can not use it properly. Why can not we remember small things too? Science has discovered the research. With these 3 reason you are losing control with your brain.


First Reason

{Mobile Phone} According to the research is detected. If you use more of the mobile. So the radiation emerging from the mobile starts reducing the rays coming out of your head. So that does not fit your brain's neurons properly. And you start forgetting things quickly.

Second Reason

{Less Sleep} We should sleep for at least 8 hours in a day By which our brain gets recharged. And gets energy. Often we are engaged in mobile late at night. Or watching a movie {Movie}. Because of which late sleep By which our balance of sleep is worsened. And the brain does not get that energy. Which he should have got.

Junk food

Third Reason

{Out Food} Friends When we eat out You can also say junk food too. When he consumes it. So it does not digest well. And our stomach had to digest the food and give energy to our brain. That energy could not be sufficiently quantified. For this reason the brain does not work correctly.


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