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If you have trouble with the smell of mouth, then you definitely need this method.

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Hello friends, Today we are going to talk. About some easy ways to remove the white layer of the tongue. Friends, we mostly pay attention to our teeth. As soon as we wake up in the morning, most of us brush and that's the biggest mistake it does. When brushing, complete attention is made to clean your teeth. Very few people pay attention to their tongue. Friends tongue is the very main part of our body. Whatever tastes we experience.Like sour, sweet, pungent etc.All this taste is due to the tongue.So from today onwards you started paying attention to your tongue too.If you do not clean your tongue, then a type of white layer starts to appear on it.Which leads to bad odor from your mouth. Because of the smell, no one likes to come to you.So to avoid this stink, today we will know about some methods.


The first method is

Put a pinch of salt on your tongue and scrub your tongue with the help of brush and after some time do Rinse. Whichever toothbrush you use, should be soft and you have to use this method for at least 1 week.

The second method is

This is how you do it in this manner. Mix a lemon juice in turmeric powder and make a paste and now with the help of your finger, scrub this paste on your tongue.After taking this process for a short time. Rinse with lukewarm water, it will give you lots of benefits.

The third method is

In this method, you have to use baking soda in turmeric place.Mix 3,4 drops of lemon in baking soda and after make a paste.Rub on your tongue. This will benefit you very much. And after a few days the white layer of your tongue will begin to recover and the smell of the mouth will also stop.


The last method is

Most of all it will know. You can clear your tongue using the back part of the brush in it. The design of the back portion of the toothbrush is of this type.By which you can easily clean the tongue and besides this you can also use a tongue cleaner.It is u shaped.Which clears the tongue with ease.


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